OAK BRICKS  | Product information

The floor reflects the art of old parquet masters and transcends time and tradition with a special elegance. When laid in a fishbone pattern, this floor brings depth and liveliness to a room.

Combined with the modern technique and user-friendliness of Castle Stones, this floor can truly be considered a modern classic.

Sizes 5CM X 19CM. Thickness 7/8mm.

Maintenance | Prices

All floors and wall tiles are provided with a modern invisible protective layer. This makes the stones easy to clean and maintain. Are you curious about the prices ? please contact Urbidynamic by telephone:  Tel: +351 916 781 094 – or by the contact form at the contact page.


Color options: Evening Shadow, Brown Grey, Earl Grey, Warm Desert, Light Terra, Old Grey, Morning Mist, Natural Beige en White Sand.