LOFT  | Product information

The Loft model mainly consists of larger stones. They are burned and hammered by hand, which gives them a sleek but old appearance.

To achieve an authentic and unique appearance, you can choose to lay the tiles in a staggered pattern. Of course, this will require the creation of fitting pieces. These will need to be tailored to the floor and therefore vary in size. This gives the floor its own and unique appearance and ensures that no floor is the same.

With this type, you can also choose a fixed grid pattern, which can make the laying process simpler and quicker. Drawings for this pattern are available on request.


91 CM X 91 CM 123 CM X 59 CM 123 CM X 78 CM 123 CM X 90 CM Thickness 7/8MM

Maintenance | Prices

All floors and wall tiles are provided with a modern invisible protective layer. This makes the stones easy to clean and maintain. Are you curious about the prices ? please contact Urbidynamic by telephone:  Tel: +351 916 781 094 – or by the contact form at the contact page.


Color options: Evening Shadow, Brown Grey, Earl Grey, Warm Desert, Light Terra, Old Grey, Morning Mist, Natural Beige en White Sand.